Mattress Stitch Crochet

In this tutorial, we learn how to do the mattress stitch. JOINING SQUARES Please click on thumbnails to view larger image. Instructions for a Mattress Stitch in Crochet. Joining seams in crochet can be tricky, especially if you want the seam to be completely invisible. Crochet Me is a community for crocheters. M attress stitch is the perfect seam for sewing together two pieces of knitted stockinette fabric at the selvedges. There are two preferable methods for seaming Tunisian crochet pieces: the mattress stitch and the chain or slip stitch.

Mattress Stitch Crochet

  • Joining seams (Invisible Weaving, also called Mattress Stitch, Backstitch, Slip Stitch) There are several ways to seam in crochet.
  • Use a sharp needle when working mattress stitch on fabric.
  • Askville Question: I just knit a sweater and need to sew the seams together.
  • Vintage Crochet Pattern Series: Week 1 “model and tool, craft of culture, how we go on.” Axe Handles Gary Snyder.
  • Free crochet patterns for afghans, throws and squares at Craftown.
  • Lots of unique items to chooses from here.

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